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Lady FeFee's Children Fairytales



Lady FeFee's Children Fairytales is a rendition of the way of what really happened with a funny twist to it.

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God Why Am I So Different?



This book gives special needs people a voice and chance to be heard. They are able to talk with God and find out why they are so different.  Purchase on Amazon.com

Centric Poetry & Storytelling in Motion



This book is designed to make you laugh, cry and related to touching moments in my life and in the lives of others. I hope you enjoy the book as much as I enjoyed writing it! Purchase on Amazon.com (Paperback)

The Best kept secret in Poetry: Mrs. Spirit



 The Best kept Secret in Poetry is compound of many different thoughts and ideas. I enjoy expressing my self through writing. This book is very relate-able to life and funny moments. I'm a spoken word artist and a poet. Purchase on Amazon.com

The Attack Against Fairyville (Queen Zantu) (Volume 2)



The attack against Fairyville is a series from Queen zantu book. Zantu is learning how to run a successful kingdom and fighting war in fairyville. Purchase on Amazon.com.